Where and how to play poker online for free

These days, the desire to play poker appears more and more often, and the number of fans of this discipline is increasing. Basically, the total demand was generated by the availability of poker disciplines on the Internet, because now there is no need to go to a legal or underground institution, to call friends with the proposal to get together for a game of poker sometime or to look for other ways to satisfy gambling cravings.

The advent of online poker has made access to the gaming tables virtually unlimited, as there is no need to adjust for time and circumstances. It is enough to have at hand any modern gadget that supports a high-speed Internet connection. Next, you should choose the most suitable format, because the variety of games against live opponents is also great. However, many gamers have a desire to face real opponents at poker tables, but do it without investing their own money. Under such conditions fall several options for organizing the gameplay. They should be considered carefully and comprehensively, so that there is no doubt in the right choice.

Play free poker applications

When the question arises about where to play poker for free, the first thing that comes to mind are game applications, which are on the global network in great numbers.

They can be divided into two categories:

  • Flash games;
  • simulators.

Flash games are developments for gamers, functioning in the browser.

They can not be downloaded to your computer or mobile device, as the game is being played online. Such applications are based on this or that plot, and the gamer controls the character, pursuing the set goal, which is achieved by means of poker confrontation.

The most popular representative of this group of free poker is the project Governor of Poker. The project exists in three versions, each of which seems to fans of the development of a logical continuation of the previous version. Developers with great attention to the opinion and wishes of users, so each new version of the application looks even more exciting, high quality and thoughtful.

The first and second versions did not provide the opportunity to compete in poker skill with real opponents. Governor Poker 3 has a multiplayer mode, which dramatically distinguishes the product from the earlier versions. At the same time, the creators have kept the original storyline and theme, leaving also all the basic elements: cowboy hats, the entourage of the Wild West and the promotion to the governor’s title.

The animation is well done, thoughtful and detailed, which allows the gamer to plunge into the cartoon world of cowboys. Naturally, playing against live opponents is much more difficult than fighting with artificial intelligence, so the gameplay has become more unpredictable.

Poker simulators are game applications that are made in imitation of real poker rooms. They use only virtual chips, but it is quite possible to replenish them by buying real money.

The interface is very similar to an online room: there is a lobby, a private office, tournaments and cash games at different limits, bonuses and promotions. Users of such applications play mostly through accounts in social networks.

The most popular application is the World Poker Club. It is preferred by tens of millions in various social networks. Gamers are given a choice of Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Achievements of the players are displayed in the ratings. According to their level, the poker player can choose different categories:

  • Beginners;
  • Amateurs;
  • League.

There are general and closed tables, the tournament activity consists of the Sit-N-Go format and the Weekly Tournament. Chips are replenished in several ways:

  • daily accrual;
  • winnings;
  • participation in promotions and bonus offers;
  • referral program;
  • performing additional tasks;
  • purchase with real money.

The application has a VIP program, in which poker players buy statuses that give a lot of additional privileges. Simulator is one of the best projects in this direction, but we should take into account the fact that its users are mostly amateurs, so the achievements should not be equated with the real game sessions.

Play in Poker Rooms

Playing poker without investing your own money is also possible in real poker rooms. Moreover, connoisseurs recommend this option to every poker player who plans to be at the pay table in the future. Each online institution offers players a demo version of its resource. This is done to familiarize the client with the peculiarities of the interface and functionalities.

You can test the poker room as much as you like and there is no time limit. Despite the fact that the free game is preferred only by beginners, the level of play here is significantly different from the game programs, because novice poker players mostly plan to switch to a paid game with time. Besides, the test mode gives an opportunity to apply in practice the knowledge received during the training, to check some individual techniques and to decide on the most attractive style of the game.

Every poker player wouldn’t mind getting money without investing his savings in betting. Poker rooms give such chances to their customers. Freerolls allow you to play for free, which can bring winnings. This is a separate category of tournaments for which you don’t have to pay a fee to participate.

Usually freerolls have a small prize pool, but for a newcomer, every dollar counts.

As a rule, freerolls attract novice gamers, so it will be difficult to practice tournament play strategy in them, because of the large number of poker players whose actions are not governed by knowledge, experience or logic.

However, this format has its advantages. It is a good place to get your starting capital and experience in the real game. In addition, freerolls are held regularly and frequently, allowing aspiring poker players to practice continuously.

Bottom line

Playing poker for free can be for fun or with a chance of real winnings. Whether the game results in material gain or satisfaction from the leisure time spent depends entirely on the poker player himself, because success in poker comes only to the most skillful. Learning the wisdoms of poker can be a fun pastime in itself, one that will pay off in the form of victories.

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