Video poker slots – The popularity of online poker game

The popularity of online poker serves as a stimulus for the development of more and more new variants of the game. Today, there are a huge number of casinos on the Internet that provide a wide range of games that fall under the category of video poker slots.

The fact that playing poker slots on gaming portals has become very popular can easily be explained by the accessibility and ease of use. The popularity of video poker is growing so fast that some zealous fans of the classic version of the game begin to seriously worry. In their opinion, the slot poker machine is able to poach most of the weak players, which in the professional lexicon of poker players are called fish or fishes. Regulators worry that there may be few inexperienced players left in online poker, which would tighten the game itself and make the path to winning noticeably more difficult.

Time will tell if such speculations are correct. In any case, slots attract players not only as an option to replenish funds, but also simply as entertainment, allowing you to relax after a busy day at work or avoid boredom at the weekend, when there is nothing to do.

Free poker slot machines

Video poker is presented in two ways: playing for money and free slots. Many gamers find this type of entertainment quite profitable, but for those players who have only set their eyes in the direction of the online casino, it is preferable to first engage in the game for virtual chips. Experts strongly recommend to refrain from playing for money at the very beginning of the mastery of video poker.

In slots poker to play for free is preferable for many reasons. First, it is an entertaining way to rest and entertainment. Secondly, the demo slots allow the player to choose the best one for themselves from the variety of machines. Third, free slots do not require registration, and for lack of opportunities to play on the gaming portal, there are many video poker options that can be downloaded to your computer. The only caveat: to download should use proven sources, excluding the presence of viruses. Fourth, the player will not be afraid to lose their money, and the use of demo mode will develop a winning strategy and get used to all the features of the selected machine.

The most common slots for real money

Today, video poker is among the developments of all the leading companies gambling industry. Playtech, Mega Jack, Novomatic, Playson, NetEnt, Gaminator Igrosoft provide a wide range of slots, which, despite the general principle and excellent graphics, have their own characteristics.

The most common variants of the game are the following varieties of video poker:

Joker Poker. This slot provides the game with 53 cards, that is, with one joker. The wild card can replace any missing card to form a combination. In this game, combinations starting with two kings are considered winning.

Jacks and better. This type of video poker is considered the most common option, as it has an attractive payout ratio and simple rules. Experienced gamblers easily develop winning strategies here. According to the payout table, the winning starts with a pair of jacks.

Wild Deuces. In this type of poker slots game is conducted by a standard poker deck of cards, but the role of wild cards perform the twos. The game features a progressive jackpot. You can get the winnings, starting with set combinations.

Strip poker slots

Strip poker has gained popularity for quite a long time. Now there is even a world championship in this category. Not surprisingly, the gambling industry has joined the fashion trend, which resulted in the appearance of a large number of slots with a spicy twist in the form of a virtual beauty who will show her charms to the successful player.

The principle of the game on strip poker slots is no different from conventional machines. The bulk involves playing in online mode, but there are options for downloading to your computer. The game is only available to adults.

Poker Stars slots.

Since September 1, 2016, PokerStars client was added to different casino. Now every client in the lobby can see in addition to poker two additional tabs, which are called Casino and Vegas.

The Casino section features a large number of slots, including roulette and blackjack. You can play both for money and chips. The Vegas tab has a set of specific casino games. Users use a shared gaming account and can even fund the casino’s bankroll with poker winnings and vice versa. Among the services is even a Live Casino.

Many poker players consider such an innovation superfluous and say that in this way the company kills interest in online poker. It should be recalled that such a policy began to be gradually introduced in the largest poker room in the world after it was bought out by Amaya Gaming.

The decline in the popularity of poker in comparison with the boom of the early 2000s, many experts attribute the high commission, which roums take from winnings. In video poker rakeback reaches 98-99 percent, which is an important factor for players with low poker skills.

The company explains its decision by the desire to attract new players and opening up new opportunities for their customers. Most of the professional players reacted to the innovations without enthusiasm. Some players associate this marketing move with the fact that the long-awaited legalization of online poker in Russia is still at the draft stage and contrary to all expectations has not been implemented. In their opinion, the company is trying to squeeze as much money as possible from domestic gamers until the moment when Roskomnadzor does not toughen the measures of stopping the organization of games for money.

Bottom line .

Each player is free to choose the game that he prefers. Whether to blame the companies, following the requests of users of the gambling market – it is debatable. Only one thing is clear: if we want online poker to push video poker to the outer reaches of the market, we need a new surge of classical poker, similar to the one that took place after Chris Manimeker’s victory at the WSOP 2004.

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